Saving the Congo from Man's distruction

To build synergy between business and environment by helping industry to discover the opportunity for profit and growth through sustainable development

Disseminating, diffusing and driving eco-friendly initiatives including eco-innovation and environment management systems in all sectors of industry for minimising impact of industrial activities on environment.

To develop synergy among all stake holders viz government, business, NGOs and Trade Unions for a collective approach in solving environmental problems

To develop and implement strategies for large scale application of renewable energy resources.
To conduct workshops, conferences, seminars to meet the above objectives.

We are working to fulfil our commitment to create a pragmatic approach to environment and development by emphasizing the complementarily and compatibility between the business goals of profitability and environmental sustainability. This exercise needs active participation of organizations who are committed to the preservation of environment. Its also provide a platform to network with like minded environmentalists and project their views nationally and internationally.


Africa Rescue, save the Congo Now ...


The Congo is home to the mighty and ancient yet intact rainforest on the planet. Covering an area more than twice the size of France (1.3 million square kilometres or 358 million acres), DRC’s rainforest is the second largest area of contiguous moist tropical forest left in the world and represent approximately one fifth of the world's remaining closed canopy tropical forest.

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