So who where Save the Congo?

Founded in a London church basement hall with just seven young people in a warm evening of July 2008, Save the Congo has expanded considerably; working and forging links Parliamentarians, religious leaders as well as leading human rights and development organisations on both sides of the Atlantic to highlight both the long ignore plight of the Congolese people and the country’s untapped potential, its spirit, creativity and cultural energy. 

Our latest campaign ( saw nine Anglican and Catholic dioceses as well as UK’s Reform, Liberal and Masorti Rabbinate, all representing over 2 000 congregations, joining the fight to save the Congo.

We are committed to providing a deliberative platform through which students, youths and the good willed people of the world can educate each other and exchange views on raising awareness of the human tragedy overwhelming the Congo and removing the cloud war that has gripped the Great Lake region for fifteen years; and translate these views into meaningful actions.


Africa Rescue, save the Congo Now ...


The Congo is home to the mighty and ancient yet intact rainforest on the planet. Covering an area more than twice the size of France (1.3 million square kilometres or 358 million acres), DRC’s rainforest is the second largest area of contiguous moist tropical forest left in the world and represent approximately one fifth of the world's remaining closed canopy tropical forest.

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