Natural Resources

The DRC is a home to vast expanses of pristine rain forest, rare animal species and a treasure trove of rare precious minerals – its the only country on earth that houses all elements found on the periodic table.

Its abundant reserves of Copper, Cobalt, Coltan -an essential component of mobile phones, laptops and game counsels, Cassiterite (tin ore), Diamonds, Hydraulic Cement, Iron, Gas, Gold, Lead, Lithium, Manganese, Nickel, Oil, Silver, Timber, Tungsten, Uranium and zinc have the potential to serve as the engine of growth in its reconstruction and eradication of poverty in the Central African region and beyond.

The following are some mineral indices by province:

Eastern Province (Orientale): Gold, diamond, clays, copper, iron, kaolin, niobium, ochre, phosphates, saline, bituminous schists and talc.

North Kivu: Clays, tin stone, basnaesite, emerald, coal, granite, monazite, niobium, gold, wolfram, tantalum and calcareous.

South Kivu: Gold, tin stone, amblygonite, silver, basnaesite, emerald, bismuth, diamond, diatomite, monazite, niobium, wolfram, zinc, tantalum and calcareous.

Katanga: Copper, cobalt, uranium, niobium, gold, platinum, lithium, talc, tantalum, wolfram, zinc, clays, bismuth, cadmium, tin stone, coal, iron, granite, emerald, sapphire, diamond, silver and calcareous.

Maniema: Gold, tin stone, amblygonite, lithium, clays, copper, diamond, iron, kaolin, manganese, niobium, lead, talc, tantalum and wolfram.

Equator: Diamond, gold, iron, calcareous, kaolin, clays, copper, granite, niobium and ochre.

Eastern Kasai: Diamond, clays, gold, chrome, nickel, cobalt, copper, iron, kaolin and talc.

Western Kasai: Diamond, clays, gold, chrome, nickel, cobalt, platinum, copper, iron, kaolin, lead and saline.

Bandundu: Diamond, kaolin, petroleum and clays.

Kinshasa: Clays, silica and kaolin.

Bas-Congo: Bauxite, copper, lead, zinc, vanadium, asphaltic sands, gold, diamond, manganese, marble, granite, rock salt, iron, clays, gypsum, pyrite, talc, silica, kaolin, baritone and calcareous.


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